New Twitter for Android Gets Reverse-Chronological Timeline Option


Twitter has rolled out the reverse-chronological timeline for Android smartphone users that would enable them to switch to the timeline view of their choice.

Just as with iOS, Android users can now switch between seeing top tweets and the latest tweets (as arranged chronologically), by tapping the sparkle icon on the top right corner of the app. The change was announced by Twitter in a tweet on Tuesday (Wednesday, India time).

This was Twitter’s traditional timeline-viewing choice for users until it decided to switch to an algorithm-based viewing, in an attempt to experiment with how best to display feeds to users on its platform.

The feature was long-awaited by users who preferred to use Twitter for its original function of keeping up with live events in real time.

The optional feature was first brought back to iOS users earlier in December and is yet to be released for the Web. Twitter announced its decision to offer both the reverse chronological and algorithmically sorted timeline back in September last year.

Earlier this week, Twitter’s director of product management, Sara Haider offered a close look at Twitter’s new beta app, revealing some of the most significant features that will be tested by beta users initially.

Beta testers will have to download an upcoming standalone app. Unlike its Experiments Program, Twitter will not enforce a non-disclosure agreement with its beta testers which means users of the app will be able to talk about it freely and even share screenshots, therefore, inviting more user feedback.


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