New Xiaomi Begins MIUI 11 Development, Hints Towards Faster, Smoother and AI Powered Interface

New Xiaomi Begins MIUI 11 Development, Hints Towards Faster, Smoother and AI Powered Interface

These days, most of the Android smartphones come with a custom ROM riding on top of the vanilla version of Android. With this method, the phone manufacturers leave some of their signature customisations with the phones UI and UX and ensure that their users do not remain limited to the features of the stock Android. The implementation of the custom UI also helps these brands to set themselves apart and innovate further. Ever since the beginning, Xiaomi has been dwelling heavily on its popular MIUI. Only a few of the devices from Xiaomi come with the Android One certification and stock Android, rest all of Xiaomi devices boot the MIUI.


Xiaomi Announces Development of MIUI 11

Speaking of the MIUI, the last major upgrade from Xiaomi concerning the MIUI was in 2018 when the company launched the MIUI 10. However, now the MIUI 10 has become almost a year old release and is likely to be replaced with a better UI from the company. In its latest move, Xiaomi has clarified that it will be launching the MIUI 11 in 2019. The announcement comes from the company’s head of product planning Liu Ming at the Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting. At the event, the executive announced that Xiaomi has started the development of this new ROM.

As per Ming’s words, the new MIUI 11 will offer new and unique features with a cleaner UI. Also, talking about the current MIUI 10 which runs on Xiaomi phones, the ROM has seen excellent reviews from the users and has outperformed many other UIs in terms of performance and features. However, there is also the debate about OxygenOS being a better ROM. But, now with the coming of the new MIUI 11, people are saying that this new release will be a step ahead and will also come with less bloatware.

Faster Upgrade with Many AI Features

From the presentation about the new MIUI 11, it was concluded that the update for the new firmware is much faster and also deploys a lot of AI features. Interacting with the device is also expected to be better with the new MIUI 11. Last year, Xiaomi had announced that although the MIUI 11 will not differ much from MIUI 10 in terms of design, it will come with optimisations which will make it faster and smoother. Xiaomi had also added that this new ROM would focus on the real needs of the customers.

Currently, the latest MIUI 10 ROM has been released by Xiaomi for about 40 of its phones. As for the launch of the upcoming new MIUI 11, we can expect it to arrive sometime in the second half of 2019.


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