New Reliance JioPhone Gets Wi-Fi Hotspot Sharing Functionality Via New Update

New Reliance JioPhone Gets Wi-Fi Hotspot Sharing Functionality Via New Update

Reliance Jio launched its extremely affordable feature phone, the JioPhone back in June 2017. Many users of JioPhone wondered whether the phone came with hotspot feature, but were disappointed after knowing that the phone did not offer the functionality to extend internet connectivity for other users. However, now Reliance Jio is rolling out a new update which will bring the hotspot feature onto the JioPhone thus enabling it to share internet connectivity. This update is being rolled out gradually to all the JioPhone users and should reach almost everyone in the matter of few days. Notably, Jio promised that it would bring hotspot functionality a while back and the update is finally rolling out.


In case you haven’t been able to find this new feature, go to Settings and then check for the hotspot in the Internet Sharing tab. If there is no option of Wi-Fi hotspot sharing, then your phone has not been updated yet. After updating the JioPhone with the latest software update, the feature should be available on the Internet Sharing tab.

Enabling JioPhone Hotspot Feature

If you want to enable hotspot on your JioPhone, head over to Settings and then go to the Internet and Sharing option under the Networks and Connectivity menu, here you will find the Wi-Fi hotspot sharing option which is turned off by default. Tap on the Wi-Fi hotspot option and select ‘On’. You will be able to set the password for the connection in the same option, and you will also be able to rename the network in the same panel as well.

When you turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot sharing option on your JioPhone, the toggle will show the same. You will also be able to notice a Wi-Fi hotspot icon on the top of the screen on the notification panel. With this option, you will be able to share your internet with other smartphones, laptops tablets etc.

More JioPhone Features

Lately, JioPhone has been getting more and more improvement which is actually helping Reliance Jio in increasing the value for money of this device. Based on the JioPhone, Reliance Jio has been able to add a massive number of subscribers to its already existing subscriber base. Thanks to the JioPhone’s affordability, it has seen an immense response from the tier II, tier III and rural areas of the country. Initially, JioPhone came with limited features, but gradually even apps like WhatsApp also rolled out support for this feature phone which was a big plus for the device. Not only that, but the phone also boasts of having features like voice search, youtube, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Jio apps and more which makes it a very attractive feature phone offering. Now with the new hotspot feature, the JioPhone has got yet another feather on the cap which strengthens its case in the feature phone segment.


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