Fortnite for iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and PC has a new patch. Dubbed as Fortnite patch v4.3, it adds a new vehicle with a shopping cart you race across the map with. There are new UI elements that let you track your progression in a match too. Most importantly though, the update brings voice chat support for Fortnite iOS players, bringing parity across all versions of the game a step closer. Also, the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC versions see significant GPU optimisations to improve performance. The Fortnite v4.3 patch download size on iOS is 133MB and is live on the App Store right now.

“Voice chat is here. Voice chat with your party can now be enabled in settings. Push-to-Talk with your party members,” Fortnite developer Epic Games’ post reads.

As for the aforementioned GPU optimisations, Epic claims that “major optimisation for distant field ambient occlusion” is a part of this patch in addition to “optimised translucency on consoles in all scenes” which should translate to a better looking game with smoother performance. Complete Fortnite v4.3 performance patch notes are as follows.

Fortnite v4.3 performance patch notes

  • Major optimisation pass to the end of match UI in order to reduce hitching on elimination.
  • Fixed a case where traps and weapons were being improperly removed from memory between matches and causing in-game hitches.
  • Major optimisation for distance field ambient occlusion on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X (GPU optimisation).
  • Optimized translucency rendering on consoles in all scenes (GPU optimisation).
  • Made additional improvements to material loading. This will help buildings and characters stream in even faster and reduce hitching.
  • Lowered CPU cost of moving simulated networked characters, especially those invisible or furthest away from the player.


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