Samsung Mobile Smartphone Galaxy Note 7

There has been a lot of speculation on the long awaited Samsung Galaxy 7 but so far most of the information is based on rumor as well as what people expect the phablet (phone tablet) to deliver on. Each day comes with a new rumor. The rumor mill and artist renditions have given up a general idea of what the phone will look like. But as day grow closer to its inevitable launch; we know that the upgrades extend from the aesthetics to the technical inner workings of the phone that should make it smarter and better than its competitors on the market.

Samsung Mobile Smartphone Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Mobile Smartphone Galaxy Note 7


Why everyone is getting excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Everybody was expecting a Samsung Note 5 or six since the last Galaxy Note iteration was a Note 4 until 2016 when rumors started circulating that the new Samsung Note 7 will be more different than the expectations people had. Yes, it would be flatter and curvier than the previous model. The images that have ben posted online suggest this to be true, although we might not know what and how we can appreciate the forward-thinking Samsung brand philosophy. Samsung’s version of the Note 7 intimates a curvier display like the Galaxy S7 edge instead of what everyone would have expected. It is thin and curvier, unlike most handsets that are thin and flat. Rumor has it that there is a new technology on the cards from Samsung and the Samsung Note 7 with its screen resolution of 1080p, 4GB, and an 823 quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chip also found in is just a preview of exciting things to come.

Notable Features

So what are some of the impressive Samsung Note 7 features?- A 5.7-inch screen.- A 5-megapixel camera that faces the front and a 12 -pixel camera at the back. – The Note 7 can shoot 4K videos which are made impressive by the internal stabilization feature.- 64 GB of space that can be expanded by using a MicroSD card- Quick charge. – 4, 200 mAh battery and more.

New software

The Samsung galaxy Note 7 comes with a new software upgrade. Samsung has been using a different software with the TouchWiz interface to distinguish it from other android based phones and brands. This interface is rumored to be replaced with something better and more dynamic or paired with some other interface to make the phone more interactive than its predecessors and competitors. Software upgrades mean new and improved apps and widgets and it should make operating the device much easier than before. The Stylus pen functionality has also ben enhanced to make navigation easy and make scribbles intelligible.

In keeping with what is going o in the industry, the Samsung Note 7 might have an iris scanner, the and kind found in the Nokia/ Microsoft Lumia. Samsung had tried to incorporate the Iris security feature in the Galaxy 4 but that was not such a successful draw card for users but now and more people understand how vulnerable the situation is this occasion.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be available in August 2016. Price for a stylus-enabled handset like this one can be expected to cost $800 but prices vary from one region or store to the other and can be driven down further during promotional periods.