New Xiaomi Mint Browser Introduced to Offer Ad-Free Browsing Experience

New Xiaomi Mint Browser Introduced to Offer Ad-Free Browsing Experience

Xiaomi wants to rule our life. Besides smartphones, Xiaomi has several products like Mi Bands, Mi earphones, Mi TVs and the list goes on. Xiaomi wants to do more. On account of that, the company has launched a brand new mobile browser for Android called the Mint Browser. The browser is available not just for Xiaomi Redmi or Mi or Poco phones but also for other Android smartphones. With Mint Browser, Xiaomi is aiming to take on the likes of other browsers like Google, Mozilla, UC Web, Opera and others. One of the key highlights of the Xiaomi Mint Browser is that it offers Ad-free browsing experience to the users. The Mint Browser is currently available for download and measures 12MB in size.


Xiaomi Mint Browser Features

The Mint Browser, just like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, offers a multi-tabbing Web browsing experience. The browser also comes with an Incognito Mode with which the users can browse without having the history saved. The Mint Browser also comes with an inbuilt Dark Mode which is basically for the users browsing in low light, mostly inside a room with the lights off. After downloading and installing the Mint Browser, the homepage comes with a list of pre-selected websites.

The browser also lets users add their favourite websites by tapping the Add button at the top of the page. Likewise, the Mint Browser also lets users delete the websites they had previously selected by now wants to delete it from favourites. Users can delete a preselected website just by pressing and holding their shortcuts. Like other browsers, the Xiaomi browser also comes with a search bar on top of the homepage.

In addition, the Mint Browser also lets users make voice searches with the help of a dedicated microphone icon present on the homepage. The microphone basically enables voice searches through Google Voice Search. Furthermore, Mint Browser also lets users manage their downloaded files and add or delete bookmarks and history.

The new Xiaomi Mint Browser also comes with a dedicated option which enables users to reduce data usage. When the reduce data usage option is selected the browser will essentially disable all the images and other multimedia files from web pages in order to make them load faster and consume lesser data.

The Xiaomi Mint Browser also comes with several other features like pinch-to-zoom functionality, Incognito Mode, Reading Mode, option to switch between one user agent string to another, and many more. How to download Xiaomi Mint Browser on your phone?

Xiaomi Mint Browser: Where to Download?

The Xiaomi Mint Browser can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. However, if you don’t want to download it from the play store, you can also download its APK file from APK Mirror. The Mint Browser app measures 11MB in size and require phones running on Android 4.4 and above version.


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