New Xiaomi Launches Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti Pollution Mask for Rs 249 in India

New Xiaomi Launches Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti Pollution Mask for Rs 249 in India

Once again Xiaomi has introduced a very innovative product in its line-up for gadgets in India. Only a day after teasing the launch of the Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask, the Chinese OEM has launched the PM2.5 anti-pollution mask in the country. Xiaomi confirmed this launch via a Tweet, where the company wrote, “Beat the pollution with Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti-Pollution Mask!” alongside the picture of the newly launched mask. Like the name of the mask highlights, this wearable will filter particulate matter up to the scale of 2.5 thus ensuring clean breathing air for the user. Xiaomi has also highlighted that this mask comes with a four-layer filtration process.


Xiaomi Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti-Pollution Mask Specifications

Xiaomi has asserted that its Mi AirPOP PM2.5 anti-pollution mask offers a comfortable experience to the wearer and its design has been specially crafted to allow it to mould to the sides of wearer’s nose. The material used to make the AirPOP mask is a non-woven micro-filtration one which is also light and skin-friendly besides being protective against pollution.

The AirPOP mask features “double particle protection” and four-layer filtration process. While the first layer filters out the large particles, the second layer supports mesh for 3D structure. The third and fourth layer of the mask filter out particles which are less than 0.3 microns in diameter and also lower vapour levels. Also, unlike other anti-pollution masks out there which create fogging on the eyeglasses of the wearer, the Mi AirPOP comes with large Vortex valve which eliminates the fogging on the glass. The company has further added that the Mi AirPOP mask will be usable till 15 hours and the two packs of it will last a whole month.

Xiaomi Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti-Pollution Mask Price and Availability

As per the latest announcement by Xiaomi, the Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti Pollution Mask will be available in a pack of two for Rs 249, and it will be available only in the black colour option. If you want to get your hands on this new Anti-Pollution mask by Xiaomi then you can head over to the official website.

It is worth noting that in 2018, Xiaomi has grown in leaps and bounds not only in the smartphone category but also in terms of wearables and other gadgets as well. As per a report published by IDC in December, Xiaomi boasted of having a 41% wearable market share. The Chinese OEM’s growth in the gadget segment is mainly because of its innovative implementations and affordable pricing.


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