New Truecaller Now Allows Users to Check Their Profile Visitors

New Truecaller Now Allows Users to Check Their Profile Visitors

Truecaller is arguably one of the most useful services on the internet right now and to give an idea, Truecaller has over 100 million daily active users on the portal. Truecaller also has a Pro subscription with which it offers some exclusive features compared to a normal user. Today, Truecaller has introduced few new features to the Pro membership and the most important one is ‘Who Viewed My Profile.’ This feature was introduced long back by the company, but it was pulled back again. However, with the increase in Truecaller Pro subscription user base, the company is re-introducing the feature again to help ‘daily communication’ of the users. As the name itself suggests, Truecaller’s Who Viewed My Profile lets you know the person who viewed your profile, same as the LinkedIn’s profile view feature.


Truecaller now allows you to see who has been checking out your profile. This feature helps you to be prepared on what calls you can expect in the future or in general; you’ll be shown who wants to get in touch with you.

Here’s how the new feature works. If you receive a notification saying someone has viewed your profile, it means another user has searched either by your number or name and clicked the detailed view of your profile. Do make a note that you’ll not be notified if someone searches your number or name and does not click the detailed profile tab.

If you click on the notification you receive, then you will be able to see the name or picture of the person who viewed your profile. Truecaller also allows users to change the privacy settings, meaning a user can customise what information can be displayed to others. A user can hide information such as phone number or additional information from the Truecaller app itself. There will also be an option to send a contact request for their private details. Users can always control who views what information by going to the ‘Privacy centre’ in the Settings of Truecaller app.

Furthermore, there will be a Private Mode as well, which can be toggled on or off. This feature will not notify other than you’ve looked at their profile.

These are the new features introduced by Truecaller and other Pro features include ad-free experience, contact request and Pro badge for your profile. Truecaller also stated that the ‘Pro’ membership would be renamed to ‘Premium’ shortly.


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