New Trai Proposes Well Planned Migration Plan for Subscribers With DPOs and Broadcasters

New Trai Proposes Well Planned Migration Plan for Subscribers With DPOs and Broadcasters

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in companionship with broadcasters and distribution platform operators (DPOs) has chalked out a migration plan for the subscribers. This has been done by the regulator to ensure that subscribers do not face any difficulty or interruption in the services while migrating to the new tariff regime regulated by Trai. According to this newly charted migration plan, the DPOs will be responsible for collecting the information about the channels and bouquets from the subscribers. Further on, these channels and bouquets will be activated for the subscribers starting February 1. Until then, the subscribers will continue to get all the channels that they are receiving now.


DPOs to Collect Channel Information from Subscribers

The decision came right after the DPOs, Trai and distributors concluded their meeting yesterday. The stakeholder said that they are ready to proceed ahead with the introduction of the new tariff regime. However, the collection of information about channels and bouquets from the subscribers has been low. As per the new decision, the platform operators have been asked to complete the task of information collection by the subscribers up to 60% by January 14 and up to 100% by January 21. Further, the progress of the DPOs will be monitored regularly by Trai until the migration is completed.

A source has remarked about this development saying to Television Post as, “The Trai has taken this decision since there have seen several unsubstantiated reports that the TV screens will go blank on 29 January. The aim is to give consumers enough time to move to the new regime.” Going by his words, the interconnect agreement between broadcasters and DPOs will be signed soon. At the same time, the interconnect agreement between Multi System Operators (MSOs) and LCOs will also be signed for an expedited migration process.

No Interruption in Services Due to New Tariff Regime

After introducing the new mandate for pricing and MRP, Trai on December 26 also issued a directive to broadcasters to not discontinue channels for the subscribers on December 29, the day when the new Tariff regime will come into effect. Trai has directed the DPOs, LCOs and broadcasters to ensure that the channels subscribers are watching should not be discontinued. The regulator in its statement said, “Hence, there will be no disruption of TV Services due to the implementation of the new regulatory framework. Keeping in view the interest of the subscribers and to enable a smooth transition, the Authority is preparing a detailed Migration Plan for all the existing subscribers.”

About the new migration plan, the regulator said, “The migration plan will provide ample opportunity to each and every subscriber for making an informed choice. This will also enable service providers in carrying out the various activities as stipulated in the new regulatory framework in a time-bound manner.”


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