New OnePlus TV Will Be Launched in India Only in 2020: Pete Lau

New OnePlus TV Will Be Launched in India Only in 2020: Pete Lau

OnePlus is the number one smartphone brand in India right now and the company is leaving no stone unturned to keep the position intact. Alongside the smartphone sector, OnePlus is now keeping its eyes on other sectors as well, including Television. OnePlus CEO has confirmed that OnePlus TV is coming soon. Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO has also confirmed that then the TV will come to India as well, but that will happen a little late. OnePlus has confirmed to launch its TV next year, but India will see it coming only in 2020. The upcoming OnePlus TV is said to take on the likes of flagship TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, and Xiaomi. The OnePlus TV, the company says, will be smart and also a flagship killer.


OnePlus TV Coming to India in 2020

Earlier reports had revealed that OnePlus TV would be launching in India in 2019. But it looks like that’s not happening anymore. A new report coming from Economic Times states that OnePlus TV will not be coming in 2019 instead will be launching in 2020. This bit of information comes from straight from OnePlus CEO itself.

On asking if the OnePlus TV will launch in India next year, Pete Lau said it would perhaps happen in 2020. This means that OnePlus TV will not be coming to India in 2019. However, in the interview, Pete did mention that India would be one of the first markets to get the OnePlus TV. The OnePlus TV when it comes to India will be available exclusively on Amazon India website, the company has confirmed.

Pete further revealed that as of now there’s no deadline for the launch of the OnePlus TV. He said that it takes some time to build something good, and OnePlus TV, he claims, will be one of the best smart TV in the market. The OnePlus TV will offer a very different experience to the consumers, something no other smart TV has offered to them. Further talking about the pricing of the upcoming OnePlus TV, Pete says, it will be priced keeping in mind the competition. The OnePlus TV will have competitive pricing similar to the OnePlus smartphones, Pete said.

Big Plans for 2019

OnePlus is yet to reveal the final name of the OnePlus TV. Yes, it won’t be called the OnePlus TV. Soon after announcing the coming of a smart OnePlus TV, the company asked for help from the customers to come up with a name for its first even TV. OnePlus was hosting a contest where the customers were asked to suggest a name for the upcoming OnePlus TV. The contest is now closed, but the company has announced that the winner will get a OnePlus TV and a fulls pondered round trip for the launch of the TV. In addition to that, ten finalists will get a free pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones. OnePlus is said to announce the winners today.

Alongside the smart TV, OnePlus has more plans for 2019. OnePlus together with Verizon and AT&T is working on a Snapdragon-powered a 5G smartphone. This 5G phone is said to be limited to Europe only and will not be coming to India. OnePlus, however, will launch the OnePlus 7 and 7T in India which will also be powered by Qualcomm’s newly announced Snapdragon 845 chipset.


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