New OnePlus is the Most Preferred Android Smartphone Brand in India: IDC

New OnePlus is the Most Preferred Android Smartphone Brand in India: IDC

Consumers in India who visit online stores with the intention of buying a smartphone consider Flipkart their first choice, according to research from the International Data Corp (IDC) released on Thursday. However, for premium smartphones — priced above Rs 30,000 — consumers prefer Amazon to buy a smartphone, showed the findings of the IDC “Consumer PULSE” study on the smartphone consumer trends in India.


The research showed that one out of three consumers consider the availability of good deals and experiencing latest specification or feature as the prime reasons for buying a new smartphone. With the wider availability of financing, around half of the consumers who had spent Rs 10,000-Rs 20,000 on their previous smartphones upgraded to Rs 30,000 and above segment.

“In terms of specifications, consumers have many choices especially from China-based vendors at affordable prices,” Sachin Mehta, Market Analyst, IDC India, said in a statement, according to IANS.

“Currently, RAM and processing speed are the most preferred specifications followed by bigger battery size and superior camera quality. Additionally, features like face unlock and waterproofing are yet to gain importance amongst consumers,” Mehta added.

Word of mouth continues to be the most prominent source influencing the consumer buying behaviour for smartphones. This has been a key factor for the success of brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus with their go to market approach and spreading word of mouth augmented by a dedicated fan-based community, the study said.

OnePlus is the most preferred premium Android smartphone brand, especially for consumers who are looking for an Android smartphone, the research showed. The findings are based on responses from 1,700 consumers spread across eight major cities of India.


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