New How Does it Differ From PUBG Mobile?

New How Does it Differ From PUBG Mobile?

When PUBG became mainstream, very few people could keep their hands off the game. The first person shooter game became immensely popular among all age group, and the hype of the game doesn’t seem to be settling down anytime soon. The makers of PUBG, also made the game available on PC which further enthused a lot of players. However, still being a resource demanding application, the PUBG Mobile game was out of reach for many entry-level smartphone users who were riding low on specifications. To address the issue, Tencent has come up with a new solution for such users. The game maker released a PUBG Mobile Lite version for entry-level smartphones users so that even they will be able to play the game on their devices. Like a lot of you would expect, there is going to be a little shortage of features on the new Lite version of the app as it was the case between the PC version and PUBG Mobile.


Down below we have listed some of the features of PUBG Mobile, which are not available on the PC version. Further, we will go into detail talking about what features PUBG Mobile Lite will ship for the users. So, if you have got a friend who was refraining from playing PUBG because it wasn’t lagging on his phone, now he needn’t worry.

PUBG Mobile Features Not on PC Version

The popular PUBG Mobile game needs no introduction. However, since some players play the game on PC and some on the phone, there are some obvious contrasts between the two versions which many might not have noticed. The PUBG Mobile version features both TPP and FPP version, but there are a number of different game modes to try. In PUBG Mobile, the mini-map on the game screen also comes with range indicators. In contrast to the PC version, the mobile version HUD and controls are different and redesigned. The interior of the game has also been remodelled, and it features glassless windows among other surprises which offer an exciting experience. Now that we have covered the features exclusive to PUBG Mobile let’s take a look at what features does the PUBG Mobile Lite version offers.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

Before proceeding forward, it’s important to know that as of now, the PUBG Mobile Lite version has only been launched in the Philippines, however, soon it will be rolled out to users worldwide. With that being said, let’s move ahead and see what the similarities and differences between the two mobile versions of the phone are.

The first thing to notice in PUBG Mobile Lite is the similarity between the game visuals on the official PUBG Mobile and the Lite version. The splash and login screens bear an uncanny resemblance in both the apps and same is the case for the matchmaking screen. Players who have played PUBG Mobile before the release of version 0.7.0 will be able to spot the resemblances at once. Apart from this, there are few more differences in the two versions of the game which include:

Few Players

This comes off as one of the most striking differences between the Lite version and the original version of PUBG. While in the original version of the game, 100 people were competing for the top prize of the chicken dinner, in the lite version, the number of competitors have been reduced to 40.

Game Modes

This is yet another difference which the players will spot first. Unlike the PUBG Mobile official version, the Lite version will feature lesser game modes which will include squad, duo and solo matches in TPP. Although these offered modes aren’t necessarily disappointing, Tencent is expected to add more modes in the future.

App Size

Being a Lite version of the app, this is going to the biggest difference between PUBG Mobile and the new version of the game. While PUBG Mobile comes in a 1.8GB package, this new version will only be 388MB. This will be especially good for the players who are running low on storage.

Map and Graphics

Unlike the bigger map in PUBG Mobile, the Lite version features a map which looks like an extract from Erangel. The same is also true for graphics, which have been toned down in the Lite version so that it is supported easily on phones with low specifications.

Overall, there are many similarities between the two versions of the game including in the gameplay. The locations you collect loot, destroy enemies and even jump off the aeroplane in the quest to emerge as the winner are similar. Also, for the people who are concerned about a lot of differences between the two apps, there is not a lot to notice. Although there are rare frame lags in the Lite version, the gameplay more or less remains the same.


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