New Google Play Offering Free Credit for App Purchases to Select Users: All You Need to Know


Google Play Offering Free Credit for App Purchases to Select Users: All You Need to Know

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Google is offering free credit to select users on Google Play

Getting in on the festive spirit, Google is offering select users free credit to use in the Play Store. These users are selected by Google based on purchase history, and this credit is announced in the form of a yellow banner that shows up when you open the Play Store app on your Android device. Clicking on this banner will enable the user to use this free credit, but this credit comes with a host of terms and conditions listed below.

Opening up Google Play’s Home tab displays a yellow banner for few users. This banner has different deals for different users, and for some it notes, “$5 to spend on any app or game.” Clicking on this banner will save this money to your account automatically. For some users, this free credit comes with conditions like it can only be used on purchases above $20, while for some “in-app purchases are excluded”. There are also other deals that give away $10 off $30 purchases and $2 off $10 app purchases.

To read the full disclaimer on your deal, the yellow banner opens a page that explains all the conditions and also links the full terms of the deal. It is recommended to read that page carefully to know what the deal entails for you. There are also suggestions of apps where the free credit can be used, collated by Google for the user in question. The free credit, once saved, can be found in the Accounts section from the navigation drawer, in the Rewards tab. 9to5Google managed to spot this deal, and Reddit users have been posting about it too.

We aren’t seeing any such deal in our Play Store app’s Home page. Let us know if you’re seeing this little treat from Google in the comments below.


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