New D2h Ahead of Other DTH Providers in Migrating Subscribers to New Trai Framework

New D2h Ahead of Other DTH Providers in Migrating Subscribers to New Trai Framework

D2h has become the first of the many DTH providers to start the customer migration to the new Trai framework, reported Ultra News. The new tariff order which the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has introduced came into effect on December 29, and it brings significant changes to the pricing architecture of channels and plans in the Indian television industry. However, DTH providers and subscribers were given till February 1 to migrate to these new schemes and to select their channels as per their viewing habits. Out of the many DTH providers, D2h is the first of many to begin the migration process. Further, the subscribers of D2h will also be able to call the provider to speed up the process. D2h has also announced that in case the subscribers do not make any selection then they will be upgraded to a plan which is the closest analogue to their current channel selection.


Providers Lagging Behind in Schedule for Implementing Trai Mandate

This update came after the DTH providers crossed the first milestone of the new Trai timeline for migrating to the new pricing framework. The regulator had charted out that that the DTH providers and DPOs were to reach 30% of their total subscribers by January 7 with the migration plans. However, the DTH providers are way behind the set schedule and have not even migrated a single subscriber to the new pricing framework. Meanwhile, Trai has already issued warning that the current plans will be valid till January 31 and post that, the subscribers will be automatically updated to the new framework plans on February 1.

Tata Sky Remains Secretive About Trai Compliant Pricing

Out of all the DTH providers, Dish TV and D2h have been ahead of others and very eager to implement the new Trai scheme because they believe that the new framework will bring uniformity in pricing. Unlike these providers, the biggest DTH player of India, Tata Sky has not even listed its Trai compliant plans for the subscribers. However, the provider had applied for a 10-day reprieve from the court which was granted to it thus providing it with a relief for ten days without the repercussion of fines and penalties.

Notably, the next milestone for the subscribers and DTH providers will be on January 14, where Trai has set the target of reaching 60% of subscribers with the migration plan. The regulator has also made it clear that it will not extend the timeline which has been set by the authority. Trai has also requested the subscribers to “not wait for the last moment”. On the other hand, the non-compliance by the DTH and cable operators has annoyed the consumers as they haven’t been provided with any guidelines as to how they should migrate to the new plans.


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