New All The Perks of a Bigger Screen Minus the Big Price Tag

New All The Perks of a Bigger Screen Minus the Big Price Tag

On Thursday, Xiaomi made another addition to its product line-up and unlike you would expect, the manufacturer introduced a new television at the event and not a smartphone this time around. The Chinese manufacturer launched the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55-inch model which is Xiaomi’s latest addition to its Mi TV line-up with a massive 55-inch panel. The TV comes with a price tag of Rs 39,999, and after digging deep, we found that this new television from Xiaomi does offer not only better affordability but also packs better performance and picture quality than some of the more expensive TVs out there.


Xiaomi is one of the few Chinese brands which have established their strong foothold in the Indian market. After seeing success in the smartphone market, the manufacturer made its foray into the TV segment last year and has been having a successful stint. Xiaomi has claimed that the idea behind launching this model was to offer a large screen on television without notching up the price tag many times. There are also some noticeable improvements in this new Mi TV model in comparison to the older models. We decided to look in detail as to what are some of the highlights of the new Mi LED TV 4X Pro when compared to the Mi TV 4 Pro.

Different Design

The first thing to notice about the new Mi 4X Pro 55-inch TV is its thicker design. Unlike the previous Mi TV 4 Pro which used to sport utterly sleek design which caught the eye, it also added to Xiaomi’s troubles of complicated logistics. This was also the reason for the very fragile packaging of the TV thus adding to the overhead. This time, Xiaomi has decided to do things differently as is apparent on the Mi TV 4X Pro. The new 55-inch model from Xiaomi sports a thicker built which is noticeable on the edges. Also, this model does not come with the blue accents and has noticeable bezels all-around.

Improved Backlight

Last time with the Mi TV 4 Pro although Xiaomi was able to shrink the built of the TV, it also led to a not so impressive brightness and contrast combination. The backlight on the previous panel was not evenly spread owing to the very slim built. However, in the Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro, the company has used the space on the back panel to provide the screen with an even distribution of backlight thus ensuring a better viewing experience with uniform and bright colours throughout the display. Also, given that the screen now sports a 10-bit panel instead of an 8-bit one, the colour reproduction on the Mi TV 4X Pro is slightly better.

Better Audio

The previous Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro was dependent on two speakers of 8W for its audio, but the new Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro comes with two speakers with 20W of output each. This means that the TV does not only provide better picture quality but also improves upon the audio quality too.

Updated PatchWall and Android TV

Xiaomi’s PatchWall UI for TVs has also been claimed to get an upgrade which will mean that it comes with a polished interface and enhanced focus on delivering more content. Under the PatchWall UI, the TV runs on Android TV 8.1 Oreo which will soon be upgraded to Pie. Further, Xiaomi has teased more features like AI capabilities for PatchWall along with more personalised user experience with separate individual profiles.


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