Infinite Conferencing: Global Access Numbers and Free Trial Conference Call

Infinite Conferencing: Global Access Numbers and Free Trial Conference Call 

· Up to 1000 participants per call

· Allows application and desktop sharing

· Control passing is easy

· Plays well with other applications such as Outlook and Gmail

· One-click Microsoft Office suite publication

· Offers IT support during conference calls


· Calls without reservations limited to 100 participants

· No mobile app

· No video embedding

· No HD video

· Pricing plans can be confusing

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing is a conference calling company that aims to primarily support small to medium sized businesses.

Conference call setup is relatively easy. Dedicated phone numbers allow participants to call from anywhere in the United States and many other countries. Infinite Conferencing allows for both reservations conference calls and calls assisted by an operator. Reservations calls are available 24/7.

Conferences are browser-based, so there’s no need to download and setup software ahead of time. Both application and desktops can be shared during the call. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be published with a single click. A handy toolbar allows both publishing and recording. Both public and private chat are available.

Several features make things fairly easy for the presenter. The presenter can pass control to another participant if needed. Instant polling allows presenters to get a feel for participant sentiment. Individuals can be invited to a meeting in progress by sending them an email with s meeting link. A recording of the meeting is available after it ends, This can be shared with people who were unable to attend. With operator assisted calls transcripts are available. Transcript translation into other languages is also available.

Video and audio quality

Video and audio quality are among the best. Audio is full duplex, allowing for unbroken conversations. Participants do not have to wait for another participant to stop speaking. The video frame output can be adjusted during the conference. Both audio and video streaming can be turned off if needed.

Infinite Conferencing has several security features. Each meeting has a unique URL so that only the people who belong in a particular conference know how to access it. 128-bit AES encryption is an option. Password protection can be enabled.

easy to use

The conference interface is easy to use. Managing a conference is done through toolbars, and other features such as recording, publishing, and highlighting are done through single mouse clicks. To join a conference, participants just need to enter a URL into their browser. Switching between applications and sharing files are both pretty straightforward and easily understandable.

Help desk support is available 24/7. Email can also be sent either for support or to sales. Live chat is also available during normal business hours. An online help library that includes FAQs and documents is in easy reach.

The pricing plans are a little confusing to some. Per minute rates, flat rates, and pay as you go plans are all available. A pretty generous thirty-day free trial that doesn’t have a cap on a number of meetings allows enough time to exercise it before committing.

In short, Infinite Conferencing is easy to use and, while not having all of the bells and whistles available from some other services, is a perfectly suitable conferencing service for most businesses.