Idea Internet Network


Idea has re-launched its internet service with a new label called IIN (Idea Internet Network) ,which is just nothing more than a regular internet data pack one use,it is just an ad-campaign to attract people towards the idea internet,showing that what one can do using internet.The aim is just to empower youth and encourage them targeting on the rural areas of India which are still struggling for infrastructure facilities especially in the field of education having reach over 3.5 lakhs of villages.
This IIN advertisement is a marketing tactic to acquire people’s attention with the help of a misleading advertisement which leaves  impression on the viewer’s mind as idea Cellular has launched some kind of educational programme or it is a educational institution itself called IIN, unlike the previous few hit-advertisement of idea ”ab har pocket mein internet”, ”no ullu banaoing”and ”what an idea sirji”,this ad created lots of confusion among the users but the positive side of this ad-campaign is that telling people how internet can be used in a constructive & positive way by learning & educating themselves.

So,Idea Internet Network is just refers to the internet service provided by idea just to encourage youth & to accelerate the talent potential by showing that it is very simple to learn complex things on the internet whether it is algebra,music or foreign languages one can learn anything using internet service.
There is no difference between regular internet service & IIN,IIN works the same way as any other regular internet service.