Best Free Video Calls and Chat Apps For Android 2017

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger apps keeps you connected to your loved ones and friends, schoolmates, colleagues in a work place and other people all over the world. You’re also informed with the latest updates, recent activities, news and currents trends in the group. With many messenger apps available nowadays, it is difficult to choose the best app to use according to ones requirements and tastes. Generally android apps are far much better than other apps. Most people prefer using facebook messenger to facebook official instant messaging page since it will connect you directly to all your facebook contacts. It is possible to send messages through messenger without necessarily opening the facebook webpage. It is possible to reach out those people who are not on facebook through their phones.

Messenger has been recently upgraded to include features like stickers, photo sharing, audio and video recording making free calls and much more to make it more interactive with the users. You can also set reminders and notifications any time they arise thereby keeping you update and alert. you will never forget to accomplish your tasks or leave any assignments unattended with the help of the app. The messenger app shortcut is created on the list of applications in your android phone giving it an easy access.


Google Hangouts: Be in touch with your friends!! 

Free calling and messaging apps for mobile phones are getting immensely popular with every passing day. With high calling rates of mobile carriers, a normal mobile phone user often tries to use an app that is easy to use, has useful features and helps you connect with the friends and family. Although there are several of such apps available in the Google play store, but if you are looking for an app that is really simple to use, and has great scope as an all-round app, then it would be the Google Hangouts.

Whether it is about chatting, voice calling or even the video call, Hangouts can easily replace all your apps you normally use for messaging, and calling. We all are well aware that the internet calling is a way lot cheaper than the normal mobile carrier’s tariff. So, having an app that not only is simple to use, but is acts as a great alternative to the native messaging and calling apps is a must. Here are the features that Google Hangouts a perfect option for those who are looking for a flawless free

messaging and calling app.

1. All you need is a Google account, and a phone number

As an android user, you would definitely have a Gmail account, and to use the hangouts, you will only need that account. Just register for the app with your phone number, and you will be good to go. The app will fetch your contacts and show whether they are using the hangouts or not.

2. HD quality voice and video calling

The app allows the user to enjoy the HD quality voice and video calling, which is not at all possible with the mobile carriers. Try it, and feel the difference.

3. Cross-platform compatibility

Whether your friends are using an Android, or an iPhone, you can easily get connected to them, as the Hangouts is available for both these mobile platforms. So, no matter which phone you friends are using, you can be in touch with them by using the Google Hangouts.

Apart from these, there are several other features of Google Hangouts that make it a perfect example of beautifully crafted app. So, if you are looking for such an app, then we would highly recommend you to try the Hangouts now. It’s free and you will fall in love with its features and easy UI.

LINE :Free Calls & Messages

Line is an a

ndroid app that allows users to make free voice calls or send text messages to friends or relatives.It also allows international calls hence it is convenient to all situations.Line also enables the users to share photos with friends thus allowing them to have lots of fun.During messaging,users are able to enjoy the use of a variety of emojis and stickers.

Communications has been enhanced by Line free calls app due to its compatibility with
all smartphones ,tablets and even computers.In 21st century where technology has contributed to massive growth in communications,Line app is the best suitable android app due to its broad and improved features for example homepage and timelines for posting images and texts.Friends that have installed this app are able to play games online hence improving friendship cohesion.
Line app was developed by Line corporation in Tokyo.Today it has been rooted to different parts of the world.

Kakao Talk Free Calls & Texts App To Enhance Your Messaging Experience

Kakao Corporations has launched its all new messaging and free calling app, Kakao Talk, to mesmerize the android users with quick and multi featured messaging capabilities.This app doesn’t limit itself to sending text messages alone, but also images, videos, voice notes and most appreciated of all, your cu
rrent location for effective communication. Also, Kakao Talk is highly compatible with a wide range of operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS as well as Mac OS.

This app doesn’t require you to spend a single penny for downloading it from the Google Playstore or App Store. It is available absolutely free of cost, and consumes only a very little space on your phones. High quality calls, both one to one and group calls are possible for free, without any interruptions. They also surprise you with a wid
e range of stickers and emoticons to express your emotions, wishes and feelings pictorially. They work with Internet connections as low as 2G and can even support 3G and 4G. Kakao Talk versions undergo periodic updates to stabilize the app and remove the bugs, and they also let you avail exclusive coupons and discounts from your favorite brands.

There are other amazing features Kakao Talk is capable of offering you.You can track the number of messages unread by your friends, send messages on other chat rooms while on free call with Kakao, schedule meetings and appointment
and share unlimited fun with family and friends. Also, if you are equipped with android wearable, you can reply to text messages by voice.

Download this Kakao Talk Free Calls & Texts App to make your communications fun and effective.

 Nimbuzz Messenger/Free Calls

Yo dudes have you heard of that Nimbuzz Messenger! It’s the website that offers free calls dude. You know with phones you gotta pay money? With Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls, you will get free calls! It’s like Skype, but better!

Do you have a person you like to chat to? Use that Nimbuzz Messenger yo dawg! Get them free calls in this b! Yo dude, the voice quality is one of the best for communications apps in the market – it’s crystal clear and crystal good dude. Do you have another mate you wanna mate with for this? Use Nimbuzz Messenger to keep up with your mates (but if you don’t have mates, unlucky dude)

Download Nimbuzz Messenger on the App Store, or the computer generated App Store with the link in the description below yo! It’s free, and cheap. Add this to your collection of cool apps on the App Store!
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MagicApp by MagicJack App 

MagicJack communications have made international calling simplified by allowing their users to make unlimited international calls. And unlike previously where users had to carry an extra mobile device for these calls, MagicJack has now come up with various Android-friendly apps to make it easier to call friends and relatives overseas.Amongst these apps is the magicApp by magicJack for calling and messaging.
The MagicApp calling and messaging is an app designed to upgrade your Android phone into a free messaging and calling device. It comes with several premium upgrade features which include US mobile phone number and unlimited calls to Canada and US. The app also allows call forwarding and voice mailing.
One of its most outstanding features is that the app works just like a regular phone number. It enables you to send and receive texts and make unlimited calls.
One of its major drawbacks is that its signal is at most of the times busy.



Chief Free Android Calls App
The generation of using land line have all but come to an end! We are moving closer to a time when making phone calls won’t cost us any money, instead, they will take place solely on data connections. Android platform is one of the best in hosting calling apps which include Skype – free IM & video calls, Viber, Tango, Google Voice etc.
Skype – free IM & is one of the best apps for free voice and video calls. You can make free calls to people irrespective of the mobile platform.The skype to skype calls are always free and the non-skype calls are at an affordable rate. You can talk face to face with a video call. A group video calls with up to 25 people. A group chat can add up to 300 people. You can share photos, your location, video message and emoji to your chat.
Skype is a popular and reliable service. This makes it the best free android call app.


Tango Messenger – All in One

Do you want to be able to hear and face time your friends and even interact with people from all around the world for free? Then Tango Messenger app is perfect for you! It is Android app which gives you opportunity to use your internet connection as link between you and your friends and family completely free! You only need Android device, whether it is smartphone or tablet and internet connection.

After downloading Tango Messenger from Google App Store you are ready to go! Tango is very useful application which allows you to share pictures, videos, stickers and play games while you chat or even video call people who matter to you. It give you an option to add anyone you want into private groups where you and participants are able to communicate with each other. Interact with people from all around the world using public chat rooms and spread your circle of friends. Just one tap is enough to include best video calls in your experince of communicating.


Viber :Free App To Discover A Great Messaging And Calling Experience 

Viber is gaining great popularity with its ability to gift the smartphone users a great messaging and free calling experience. All you need is an internet connection to use this messenger app to send your family and friends text messages, videos, photos and even your current location. This app lets you make international calls absolutely free of cost, and all you need to so is to register your mobile number once it is installed from the Google Playstore for android or App Store for iOS.

There are a plenty of features Viber app is capable of offering you. At a time, you can easily create and participate in group calls with 200 people. Also, you can schedule your meetings, events and other important agendas in an efficient manner. Viber is the ultimate solution for quick messaging, live video calls with HD quality and uninterrupted international calls for longer hours. This app is quite compatible with any type of OS like Windows,Android or iOS and consumes only very little space of your phone’s memory. To enjoy a hazzle free and secured communication, it encrypts all the messages prior to sending them and also makes sure that the people whom you are actually in contact with, are authenticated. There are a number of cool emojis and stickers to express your feelings in a pictorial way.
There are much more unexplored facts about Viber. You can track whether your friends have seen your messages, share your contacts, hide certain chats to access them later and even play fun games with your Viber friends.

Install the Viber app to unravel the great calling and messaging experience and share the fun with family and friends.


Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger – Free chat and Voice Calls- is a messaging application introduced by Yahoo. It is available for free on Google Play store and can be downloaded.Yahoo Messenger – Free chat and Voice Calls come with instant messaging features and includes many themes. It also comes with a feature called customised avatars which makes it more interesting to use.

Yahoo Messenger – Free chat and Voice Calls supports some non-english languages too and provides personalised experience to its users. This increased its popularity and many more people signed in.
Yahoo Messenger – Free chat and Voice Calls is a secure messaging app which provides the exciting feature of voice calling which is in high demand nowadays. People can contact each other for free on this app and can talk to each other too. Its quality is also good.
Yahoo Messenger – Free chat and Voice Calls is one of the best free Android application which provides it users the feature of instant messaging and free voice calling.