Airtel Karbonn vs A40Jio Phone-who is the best?

Airtel Karbonn vs A40Jio Phone-who is the best?

Ever since its launch in the Indian market, Jio Phone has become the talking point in the industry. The threats that the Jio Phone presents to the phone manufacturers is that it will halt the transition towards the smartphone, while telecom operators will see customers shifting towards Reliance Jio right in front of their eyes.

Airtel has realized the future impediment that the Jio Phone will present and has followed the mantra of a stitch in time saves nine.

Realizing that the Iron was hot, Airtel has partnered with budget phone manufacturer Karbonn to bring a set that offers a luxury Android experience within Rs.1,399/-. While the Karbonn A40, the name Airtel have given to their partnership phone, comes in the shape of a traditional smartphone, the Jio Phone is slightly different and a step backward.

The Jio Phone is capable of providing Internet at 4G speeds but lacks a proper touchscreen and uncountable other features that customers have associated with the traditional smartphone.

Let’s take a look at both these phones and evaluate whether we can help you in deciding which the perfect fit is for you.

Costs Upfront

Buyers opting for the Jio Phone will have to pay an amount of Rs.500/- to book the phone for themselves. Other than the amount paid for booking, users will be required to pay an additional 1,000 when the phone arrives at their delivery address.

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This totals to Rs.1500/- for the Jio Phone. On the contrary, customers are required to garner at least Rs. 2,899/- for the Airtel phone.

Minimum Recharge Required

Both companies have mentioned that customers should go for minimum recharges monthly to get the refunds on their effective prices. For Jio, the customer will have to buy recharges costing around Rs.1,500/- per year.

This brings the minimum expenditure of every buyer somewhere around Rs.4,500/- for the 3 year ownership period. If the condition is met, customers will be paid back in full, the Rs.1,500/- deposit they had made at the time of purchase.

On the other hand, Airtel requires their customers to get recharges of the Rs.169/-every month to be considered eligible for the refund. Rs.500/- will be given back to the customers after 18 months, while the remaining Rs.1000/- refundable will be given back at the end of the 36 months or 3 year period.

The phone will thus cost a person around Rs.1,399/-, considering that Rs.1,500/-of the amount is refundable after the completion of the 3 year period.

With a complete evaluation done for you, the decision to buy the best phone and packages rests on your decision.

Regardless of what we prefer or decide, we can all agree that both Jio and Airtel have revolutionized telecommunication in India.