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Webex Conference Call Review

Cisco has come a long way from manufacturing routers and managing circuits. It was the one who spearheaded high tech communications on voice carried over networks of bundled T1 and T3 circuits making data transfer seamless and easy. Being the provider of these tools.

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They give their clients a complete video-conferencing access and offers tools for profile creation. It is user-friendly, like that of creating a profile on social media or other personal chat messenger apps. This feature tailors a personal touch to groups by being able to easily identify the participants. Their web conferencing service, WebEx, is highly compatible with common multimedia, video and audio apps, with the addition of Flash animation (which is a simpler format).It can also be used hand in hand with presentation programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint. And in order to send invites or communicate with the other people in the team with ease, it can also be linked to Microsoft Outlook and other Instant Messaging apps. ToolsWhat sets WebEx apart is its goal to keep the team together at the appointed meeting time.

It strives to make sure that meetings are done at a 100% attendance rate by providing tools for follow-up and meeting preparation. Once you have set a schedule for a meeting, you can set it to automatically record that appointment. In cases where you need to inform a team member about the meeting agenda even before the scheduled time, you have the option to send a direct message to him or her.

One downside though is that even with Cisco’s advanced technology, it does not allow the user to get screenshots from the software (which Cisco should totally consider since most apps now, even mobile phones can easily take screenshots of anything they wish), participants are allowed to upload data or notes for the presentation. ReportsAnother feature that needs improvement is that WebEx does not provide post-call con reports such as participant attendance.

The team still has to manually take note of who was present, tardy or absent. Reports such as this are very crucial especially if you want to measure the efficiency and effectivity of the presentation after a meeting. Numbers play a big role in assessing data, and this should be highly considered if WebEx plans to keep their market.

Meeting GroupsOne upside though is that WebEx allows you to form clusters from the original meeting group. So if there is an ongoing web conference for 50 people, and eventually you decide to break it down to smaller teams so they can work and talk about their specific jobs and departments, it is totally possible. After the smaller group meeting, you can go back to the larger group meeting.All in all, Cisco still manages to be among the top providers of web call conferencing. Even though some features need to be improved and other tools need to be introduced, they still deliver seamless, outstanding service.