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Inter Call conferencing provides effective solutions that range from on demand audio and web conferencing to a client base of over two million businesses worldwide. Intercall solutions is a conference calling company, best in conference call set up that enables you to pass message to a large group of people per call. It is especially comes in handy for businesses that have branches all over the world for impromptu meetings in particular where you can gather people together instantly. With Intercall, you can be able to see every member attending the conference and much further around the conference call set up. This will be convenient for business owners or those in managerial positions going for long holidays or business trips leaving the offices for a period of time.

Intercall solutions offers participants with an online account manager where participants can manage all the presenters through the account. They can also review their invoices, view previous conferences held and update their payments. The conference can also be recorded and captured into a digital recording file. This can be downloaded and distributed as a link for later perusal or by members who were absent.

Inter call is a system that allows the user to pass their voice or video message over an internet connection rather than a phone line. Using it is as simple as ABC. The participants just need to dial the access code. They will be kept on hold until the presenter or the chairman enters the pass code. The conference then commences. Everyone in the conference call set up can now listen and share opinions with everyone else on the call.

Conference Calling Methods

Intercall conference calling services offers two conference calling methods; operator assisted calls and the reservation-less call. With the later, you can schedule a meeting anytime since it operates 24/7. This type of conference call is the most convenient since it provides multiple network carries which makes it less likely for your call to be dropped. Conference calling is toll free where only the presenter or chairperson will be charged if they share the same region with other participants if the conference call. However for international calls, Intercall provides toll numbers in some countries as back up. Members using the toll numbers may be charged long distance charges.

Host Meeting

The host or the presenter can also easily pass the control of the meeting to another person hence this type of holding meetings do not actually tie an individual. If the meeting has two host, say in the same place, one desktop can be shared among them so there will be no need for prior registrations or complicated downloads. The meeting participants can publish documents from Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint as the meeting proceeds. Infinite conferencing also allows the participants to have an option of private chats on the screen. They can also change or highlight documents shared on the screen with other participants of the conference. This method of conferencing is also perfect for situations that require brainstorming as participants can share and discuss opinions.

Time difference between countries or continents does not affect InterCall conferencing. Therefore, meetings can be held any time of the day as long as the participant can access a video calling device. This is an advantage to participants in areas where traveling requires a lot of prior arrangements. The participants can also share documents through phone calls and contribute in decision making through polls.
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