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Inter Call Conferencing Calling Company Effective Solutions

Inter Call Conferencing (

Inter Call conferencing provides effective solutions that range from on demand audio and web conferencing to a client base of over two million businesses worldwide. Intercall solutions is a conference calling company, best in conference call set up that enables you to pass message to a large group of people per call. It is especially comes in handy for businesses that have branches all over the world for impromptu meetings in particular where you can gather people together instantly. With Intercall, you can be able to see every member attending the conference and much further around the conference call set up. This will be convenient for business owners or those in managerial positions going for long holidays or business trips leaving the offices for a period of time.

Intercall solutions offers participants with an online account manager where participants can manage all the presenters through the account. They can also review their invoices, view previous conferences held and update their payments. The conference can also be recorded and captured into a digital recording file. This can be downloaded and distributed as a link for later perusal or by members who were absent.

Inter call is a system that allows the user to pass their voice or video message over an internet connection rather than a phone line. Using it is as simple as ABC. The participants just need to dial the access code. They will be kept on hold until the presenter or the chairman enters the pass code. The conference then commences. Everyone in the conference call set up can now listen and share opinions with everyone else on the call.

Conference Calling Methods

Intercall conference calling services offers two conference calling methods; operator assisted calls and the reservation-less call. With the later, you can schedule a meeting anytime since it operates 24/7. This type of conference call is the most convenient since it provides multiple network carries which makes it less likely for your call to be dropped. Conference calling is toll free where only the presenter or chairperson will be charged if they share the same region with other participants if the conference call. However for international calls, Intercall provides toll numbers in some countries as back up. Members using the toll numbers may be charged long distance charges.

Host Meeting

The host or the presenter can also easily pass the control of the meeting to another person hence this type of holding meetings do not actually tie an individual. If the meeting has two host, say in the same place, one desktop can be shared among them so there will be no need for prior registrations or complicated downloads. The meeting participants can publish documents from Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint as the meeting proceeds. Infinite conferencing also allows the participants to have an option of private chats on the screen. They can also change or highlight documents shared on the screen with other participants of the conference. This method of conferencing is also perfect for situations that require brainstorming as participants can share and discuss opinions.

Time difference between countries or continents does not affect InterCall conferencing. Therefore, meetings can be held any time of the day as long as the participant can access a video calling device. This is an advantage to participants in areas where traveling requires a lot of prior arrangements. The participants can also share documents through phone calls and contribute in decision making through polls.
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Webex Conference Call,Cisco Webex Join Meetings

Webex Conference Call Review

Cisco has come a long way from manufacturing routers and managing circuits. It was the one who spearheaded high tech communications on voice carried over networks of bundled T1 and T3 circuits making data transfer seamless and easy. Being the provider of these tools.

cisco web

They give their clients a complete video-conferencing access and offers tools for profile creation. It is user-friendly, like that of creating a profile on social media or other personal chat messenger apps. This feature tailors a personal touch to groups by being able to easily identify the participants. Their web conferencing service, WebEx, is highly compatible with common multimedia, video and audio apps, with the addition of Flash animation (which is a simpler format).It can also be used hand in hand with presentation programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint. And in order to send invites or communicate with the other people in the team with ease, it can also be linked to Microsoft Outlook and other Instant Messaging apps. ToolsWhat sets WebEx apart is its goal to keep the team together at the appointed meeting time.

It strives to make sure that meetings are done at a 100% attendance rate by providing tools for follow-up and meeting preparation. Once you have set a schedule for a meeting, you can set it to automatically record that appointment. In cases where you need to inform a team member about the meeting agenda even before the scheduled time, you have the option to send a direct message to him or her.

One downside though is that even with Cisco’s advanced technology, it does not allow the user to get screenshots from the software (which Cisco should totally consider since most apps now, even mobile phones can easily take screenshots of anything they wish), participants are allowed to upload data or notes for the presentation. ReportsAnother feature that needs improvement is that WebEx does not provide post-call con reports such as participant attendance.

The team still has to manually take note of who was present, tardy or absent. Reports such as this are very crucial especially if you want to measure the efficiency and effectivity of the presentation after a meeting. Numbers play a big role in assessing data, and this should be highly considered if WebEx plans to keep their market.

Meeting GroupsOne upside though is that WebEx allows you to form clusters from the original meeting group. So if there is an ongoing web conference for 50 people, and eventually you decide to break it down to smaller teams so they can work and talk about their specific jobs and departments, it is totally possible. After the smaller group meeting, you can go back to the larger group meeting.All in all, Cisco still manages to be among the top providers of web call conferencing. Even though some features need to be improved and other tools need to be introduced, they still deliver seamless, outstanding service.

Infinite Conferencing Best Conference Call Services 2017

Infinite Conferencing Review

· Up to 1000 participants per call

· Allows application and desktop sharing

· Control passing is easy

· Plays well with other applications such as Outlook and Gmail

· One-click Microsoft Office suite publication

· Offers IT support during conference calls


· Calls without reservations limited to 100 participants

· No mobile app

· No video embedding

· No HD video

· Pricing plans can be confusing


Infinite Conferencing (/) is a conference calling company that aims to primarily support small to medium sized businesses.

Conference call setup is relatively easy. Dedicated phone numbers allow participants to call from anywhere in the United States and many other countries. Infinite Conferencing allows for both reservations conference calls and calls assisted by an operator. Reservations calls are available 24/7.

Conferences are browser-based, so there’s no need to download and setup software ahead of time. Both application and desktops can be shared during the call. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be published with a single click. A handy toolbar allows both publishing and recording. Both public and private chat is available.

Several features make things fairly easy for the presenter. The presenter can pass control to another participant if needed. Instant polling allows presenters to get a feel for participant sentiment. Individuals can be invited to a meeting in progress by sending them an email with s meeting link. A recording of the meeting is available after it ends, This can be shared with people who were unable to attend. With operator assisted calls transcripts are available. Transcript translation into other languages is also available.

Video and audio quality are among the best. Audio is full duplex, allowing for unbroken conversations. Participants do not have to wait for another participant to stop speaking. The video frame output can be adjusted during the conference. Both audio and video streaming can be turned off if needed.

Infinite Conferencing has several security features. Each meeting has a unique URL so that only the people who belong in a particular conference know how to access it. 128-bit AES encryption is an option. Password protection can be enabled.

The conference interface is easy to use. Managing a conference is done through toolbars, and other features such as recording, publishing, and highlighting are done through single mouse clicks. To join a conference, participants just need to enter a URL into their browser. Switching between applications and sharing files are both pretty straightforward and easily understandable.

Help desk support is available 24/7. Email can also be sent either for support or to sales. Live chat is also available during normal business hours. An online help library that includes FAQs and documents is in easy reach.

The pricing plans are a little confusing to some. Per minute rates, flat rates, and pay as you go plans are all available. A pretty generous thirty-day free trial that doesn’t have a cap on a number of meetings allows enough time to exercise it before committing.

In short, Infinite Conferencing is easy to use and, while not having all of the bells and whistles available from some other services, is a perfectly suitable conferencing service for most businesses.

Everything Need Know iPhone 7 Price

If you want to find out about iPhone 7’s incoming features, its Price and its release date, then you have no doubt visited the right place. In order to supply you with the most reliable details, we have thoroughly sifted and analyzed every rumor, collected all the latest from all around the web and contacted our most trusted sources. This has enabled us to give you our expert take on everything that you need to be expecting from Apple’s launch. Continue reading in order to find out what your prospective next phone brings to you.

Price, Release Date And Features
Price, Release Date And Features

What is it?

iPhone 7 is a rebooted iPhone that comes with a completely new design, features and powers. Its predecessor is iPhone 6.

Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 7

Release Date.

All evidence highly suggests that the release date will be on September 2016. Apple has a history of sticking to its schedule and several of its iPhones have all been released to the market during the month of September. It is highly unlikely that that Apple will break this pattern. With iOS 10 also due in September, it all adds up and strengthens our prediction. Though the exact date is not known yet, a close source (@evleaks) claims that the launch is likely to take place any day from September 12.
iphone 7

iPhone 7 price.

Some of the hottest leaks we have sifted through suggest that the price is very likely to remain static. iPhone prices hardly vary and cost rumors from Weibo seems to be in agreement. What this means is that its price is expected to be fixed around US$649, an equivalence of AU$1079 or 539 Sterling Pounds. The good news is that for that price, you will get a storage capacity of 32GB and not the previous 16GB.

iPhone 7 Features and Design.

-Water resistance.

“Pixel Eyes” is a new technology that has been invented by Apple’s screen supplier, Japan Display. This feature makes it easier to use the phone even with wet hands.

-Redesigned antennas.

Metal body that is bezel-less.


A new color option is likely to be available, with several rumors suggesting that the company will add a shade, Space Black, to the mix. As recently pointed out by a certain Chinese network, a blue variant is also likely to be available.

-Slimmer model.

Sources from KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that the iPhone 7’s thickness will drop from iPhone 6S 7.1mm to between 6 and 6.5 mm.


The screen has an edge to edge display, applies no OLED technology and is sharper. An order of one hundred million 5.5 inch AMOLED panels has been made by Apple for its 2017 iPhone, as reported by the Chinese Wall Street Journal. As such, the iPhone 7 is most likely not going to be OLED-equipped.

-A battery which is larger, zero camera bump with a single-lens sensor that is bigger.

-Wireless charging.

-A home button that is pressure-sensitive. 

iPhone 7 Features and Design.

A report by the Economic Daily News says that iPhone is the most complex to manufacture as compared to the previous iPhones. With all its above features, it is clear that the iPhone 7 will be the best iPhone that Apple has ever manufactured.


Idea Customer Care Number 24/7,Idea Cellular Email ID

‘Idea’ a part of Aditya Birla group is India’s third largest cellular service and provides one of the best in class customer care. Pan India combined the company renders services in 2g, 3g, and 4g. The idea uses high-quality technology which allows and supports customers to get the faster rejoinder, resolve their issue easily and get the information needed with a great satisfaction and without any strain.14042113800_8e89977dfb_o

Idea Customer Care Number 24/7, Idea Cellular Customer Care Email ID

The idea provides both telephonic client services as well as the online help desk Number through which customer can resolve any service related issue. Accompanying with these services Idea also presents various service centers where a customer can walk in and get immediate assistance. Idea provides customer services all across India for the customer from different regions and different languages. Idea customer care service is always committed to serving best to its customers with the great efficiency and maintain an open and loyal relation between the customer and the service provider. Idea customer care can be contacted by dialing 12345 or 198 from the cell phone or sending email on idea’s circle specific email id

State Wise Idea Customer Care Number
Assam 9085012345
North East (Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh) 9089012345
West Bengal 9093
Orissa 9090012345
Kolkata 9088012345
Jharkhand 9708012345
Bihar 9708012345
Jammu and Kashmir 9086012345 – Postpaid  9086012345 – Prepaid
Punjab 9814012347 – Prepaid  9814012345 – Postpaid
Haryana 9812012345
Himachal Pradesh 9882012345
Gujarat 9824012345
Mumbai 9702012345
Chattisgarh 9826012345, 9826000198
Rajasthan 9887012345
MP 9826012345, 9826000198
Maharashtra and GOA 9822012345
Karnataka 9847012345, 9847112345
Tamil Nadu 9092012345
Kerala 9844012345
Andhra Pradesh 9848012345

Idea Cellular Customer Care Email ID

State Email Address
Orissa [email protected]
Kolkata [email protected]
Assam [email protected]
West Bengal [email protected]
North East Regions [email protected]
Bihar / Jharkhand [email protected]
Madhya Pradesh / Chattisgarh [email protected]
Delhi and NCR [email protected]
Gujarat [email protected]
Punjab [email protected]
Haryana [email protected]
Himachal Pradesh [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh West [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh East [email protected]
Karnataka [email protected]
Kerala [email protected]
Mumbai [email protected]
Maharashtra and Goa [email protected]
Tamil Nadu [email protected]
Rajasthan [email protected]
Andhra Pradesh

[email protected]


Reliance Prepaid Chennai Recharge Plans,3G/2G Offers

Reliance Prepaid Chennai Recharge Plans & 2G Intrenet Pack

Amount Validity Benefits 2G Intrenet
9 Till Midnight(same day) 50 MB 2G Data
19 3 Days 85 MB 2G Data
29 3 Days 150 MB 2G Data
36 5 Days 225 MB 2G Data
63 7 Days 500 MB 2G Data
71 10 Days 500 MB 2G Data
125 21 Days 750 MB 2G Data
149 28 Days 1 GB 2G Data
178 28 Days 1.25 GB 2G Data
189 28 Days 500 MB 2G Data & 100 Talktime
195 28 Days 2 GB 2G Data
248 28 Days 3 GB 2G Data
282 60 Days 3 GB 2G Data
492 90 Days 10 GB 2G Data

3G Data Plans

Amount Validity Benefits
45 7 Days 150 MB 3G Data & All local calls  30p/ Minute & STD 75p/ Minute
95 10 Days 400 MB 3G Data &  All local calls 30p/ Minute & STD  75p/ Minute
127 14 Days 400 MB 3G Data &  Local / STD calls  30p/ Minute
199 21 Days 850 MB 3G Data &  All local calls at 30p/ Minute & STD 75p/ Minute
225 28 Days 1024 MB 3G Data &  All local calls at 30p/min & STD  75p/Minute
239 28 Days 1024 MB 3G Data &  Local/ STD calls 30p/Minute

Full Talktime 

Amount Validity Benefits
150 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 150
200 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 200
300 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 300
400 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 400

Regular Talktime Plans

Amount Validity Benefits
10 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 7.730
20 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 15.47
30 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 23.20
50 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 40.67
60 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 49.40
70 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 58.14
90 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 75.60
100 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 84.34
110 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 93
500 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 500

Special Tariff Vouchers

Amount Validity Benefits
8 2 Days Local Reliance to Reliance calls 15p/Minute & Other Network Local/STD calls 35p/Minute
13 3 Days Local Reliance to Reliance calls 15p/Minute & Other Network Local/STD calls 35p/Minute
26 2 Days All Local/ STD reliance calls 5p/Minute
28 21 Days All Local calls 35p/Minute
34 28 Days All STD mobile calls 35p/Minute
48 28 Days STD calls 25p/minute upto 700 Minutes, Post 700 minutes will be charged 35p/Minute
54 60 Days STD calls  35p/Minute
89 7 Days All Local/ STD Reliance to Reliance calls 5p/Minute

SMS Packs

Amount Validity Benefits
15 30 Days Local Reliance to Reliance 5p/Minute & others network 15p/ SMS
42 30 Days Free 100 Local/National SMS / Day

National Roaming Packs

Amount Validity Description
27 15 Days Incoming Free while Roaming & All Outgoing Calls  45p/Minute- roam & home locations
47 30 Days  Incoming Free while Roaming  & All Outgoing Calls 45p/Minute – roam & home locations
61 15 Days 100 Roam & Home Minutes (Minutes can be used for any Outgoing/Incoming national call -Roam/Home location)
122 90 Days  Incoming Free while Roaming & All Outgoing Calls 45p/minute – roam& home locations
194 180 Days Incoming Calls free while roaming & All National outgoing Calls at 1.5p/Second


Reliance Prepaid Gujarat Tariff Plans,2G Net Recharge

Reliance Prepaid Gujarat Tariff Plans + Combo Packs

Amount Validity Description
35 5 Days  Talktime 35 &  1 Local / National SMS (SMS Validity 1 day)
65 10 Days  Talktime 70 & 5 Local/National SMS(SMS  validity 1 day)
85 30 Days Talktime 95 & 1 Local/National SMS (SMS validity 1 day)
786 Null Core Talktime 850 & 5 Local/National SMS(SMS validity 1 day)

Full Talktime 

Amount Validity Benefits
60 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 58
70 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 69
80 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 80
110 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 109
200 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 210
220 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 228
310 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 320
400 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 425
500 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 500
510 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 550
1000 Lifetime Talktime Benefit 1000

2G Internet  Packs/Plans

Amount Validity Description
14 2 Days FREE Data 100 MB
34 5 Days FREE Data 300 MB
37 1 Night Night Data 1GB
44 8 Days  Data 300 MB
47 1 Night 1GB  Night Data &  Unlimited Local Reliance to Reliance calls
57 7 Days 300 MB Data
64 10 Days FREE 750 MB  Data
77 7 Days 400 MB Data
88 12 Days 750 MB Data
93 7 Days 500 MB Data
99 15 Days FREE 1 GB Data
112 14 Days 500 MB Data
149 28 Days 2 GB Data
151 21 Days 600 MB Data
185 28 Days 4 GB Data  & Extra 4 GB Night Data
398 28 Days 5 GB Internet Data

Minute Packs

Amount Validity Benefits
98 60 Days 200 Minute Local / STD FREE
139 28 Days 350  Minute Local Reliance to Reliance call  Free & 350 Minute Free Other Local calling
148 60 Days Free 300 Minute Local /STD
198 60 Days Free 450 Minute Local /STD
229 28 Days 750    Minute Local Reliance to Reliance calling free & 750    Minute Other Local calling free
248 60 Days Free 600 Minute Local / STD Calls
298 60 Days Free 750 Minute Local / STD Calls
399 60 Days Free 1200 Minute Local / STD Calls


Amount Validity Benefits
10 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 7.73
20 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 15.46
30 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 23.20
50 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 40.66
100 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 84.33
120 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 101.80
150 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 128
300 Lifetime Talktime Benefits 315

SMS Packs

Amount Validity Benefits
5 28 Days  Local/National SMS 30p/SMS
15 15 Days 50 Local / National SMS Pack
39 28 Days 500 Local/ National SMS Pack

Special Tariff Vouchers

Amount Validity Benefits
7 2 Days Local Reliance to Reliance voice calls 10p/minute &  other Local/ STD voice calls  25p/minute
13 28 Days Local Reliance to Reliance 10p/Minute
16 14 Days All Local/ STD 25p/Minute
18 3 Days Local Reliance to Reliance Voice calls 10p/minute & other Local/ STD voice calls 25p/minute
19 14 Days All Local  25p/Minute
23 10 Days All Local/ STD 25p/Minute
26 2 Days All Reliance to Reliance Local/STD  5p/minute
27 14 Days Local/STD calls in Home & National Roaming  35p/minute & Incoming Free while National Roaming
29 29 Days All Local/STD calls  29p/Minute
31 28 Days STD calls 25p/minute for 1st 200 STD minute  Extra will be charged 40p/minute
36 28 Days All Local  25p/Minute
45 28 Days Local Reliance 10p/Minute &  Other Local/ STD calls 25p/minute
54 56 Days All Local and STD  29p/Minute
55 28 Days All STD calls 25p/Minute
58 28 Days All Local/ STD calls 25p/Minute
71 56 Days All Local calls 25p/Minute
89 7 Days All Local/ STD Reliance calls 5p/Minute
92 56 Days Local/STD calls in Home &  National Roaming  35p/minute & Incoming Free while National Roaming
115 56 Days 25p/Minute All Local/ National Calls